Dope, weed, spliff, skunk, hash, sensimelia ... smoke it, drink it or eat it. Cannabis has long been used for its healing properties and now CBD oil is a derivative without the effects of getting 'high'. Cannabis contains basically two active ingredients, THC (produces the thinky/talky/cerebral high feeling) and CBD (which gives you the stoned/dopey/can't move high) ... and it seems to be the latter with the healing properties. It is available in medical form under the brand name Sativex which is an under the tongue spray (ask your consultant if they can prescribe it), as CBD oil from the internet or from your local dealer (ask around, you're bound to know someone who knows someone). It has been found to help with spasms, pain, stiffness, mood, depression and especially sleep. You take the illegal form by: smoking it, in the form of a hand rolled cigarette either mixed with tobacco (not advised for non-smokers) or pure; smoking it in a little pipe or bong which you can get at a local 'Head' shop or online - this is much better than the tobacco option and it is more efficient way of taking it; you can eat it pure, or make cookies, put it in yoghurt, coffee ... many people add a finger nail amount to a little olive oil in a table spoon and heat it up before adding it to the yoghurt, etc. as this releases the active ingredients better; or get it from the doctors (can be more difficult than getting it from a dealer!). It can cost anywhere from £10 a gramme to £160-£240 for 28 grammes (the more you buy, the cheaper it is).