Coming to the end of my most recent round of physio, I was worrying about how I was going to carry on my exercises at home - not that I wasn't motivated, but it can be hard with a 7 year old (at that time) daughter at home.

I was having physio at the time following a relapse which had added to my long-standing issues with walking - not only weakness in my legs but core strength and balance.

She suggested getting my daughter involved. So after this we spent a fair portion of my last physio session just throwing a ball between us.

It really helps in loads of ways - standing helps strengthen my core and it obviously helps with hand-eye coordination. But I guess one of the things about relapses is that they can knock everything out and it can feel like we have to relearn the simplest things. And just having to adjust slightly to catch a ball each time is something that people do naturally.

And more than anything else, this little ball game helps with my balance. It's all the little changes I need to make whenever the ball goes a little off to the side (which it invariably does).

One of my main worries about my MS is the way it can affect my relationship with my daughter - which I guess is the same for any parent with MS. I've made peace with the fact that I'll never be the sort of dad who runs around and climbs trees or plays football with her. And, truth be told, I think she's pretty cool with that too.

But even though we won't be breaking any records with our little ball game, it's something which genuinely helps my condition that we can do together. And it's fun too!

Steve Domino