Picture of Norgalax micro enema

As a wheelchair user with limited core strength, no squeezing power (I could not squeeze my cheeks together and hold my poo in) and the proper use of only one arm I was finding it difficult to make it to the toilet and transfer on time and had numerous accidents. I needed a way to gain back control, to go to the toilet when I chose. Building up to this I transferred onto a very low fibre diet, which essentially self constipated myself and stopped eating very much which meant I was only going to the toilet once a week - this was my way of gaining a little bit of control back. So I tried a number of methods including Peristeen colonic irrigation system: this is a small water reservoir which you control with one hand and with the other there is a small insertion point/tube fitting type thing to go up your bum - you put around 500 mil in your back passage and wait for a bit, and then everything comes out after sitting on the toilet for about 10 minutes. However you need two hands to work this, which I didn't have. The doctors also offered me suppositories which I couldn't do because I would never make it from a lying down position on the bed for example to the toilet on time. Then I tried micro enemas, the first one Microlax, didn't really work but the second one I tried called Norgalax worked a treat. Now I sit on the toilet when I think I need to go, squirt a small micro enemas up my bum, wait about 10 minutes and then my bowel empties. They one-handed poo system!!