Meet Sally

She has been using a wheelchair for 18 months. She has been finding transferring really difficult and has had some falls, especially getting onto the toilet.

Sally visits the MS Learning Bank website and searches 'transferring' and finds banana boards.

She finds a contribution someone has left explaining how they used banana boards making transferring very easy. Sally used took this advice and has since had no more falls, especially when transferring to the toilet. Problem solved.

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Meet John

Recently when he has been running, his MS has been making his foot drop, tripping him up. John searches on the Learning Bank and finds contributions on 'foot-up'.

John discovers compression socks, which he found at a cycling shop, help keep him running. John goes back to the Learning Bank and makes a contribution to help others stay running.

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What's this all about?

The MS Learning Bank is a place where you can find and exchange technical information about how to deal with problems caused by having multiple sclerosis. The idea was born out of the frustrations of someone having MS and not knowing a damn thing about it and how to deal with it.

How do I stop my foot from dropping? Where do I get a wheelchair from? How do I get my car adapted? What is botox all about?

So I thought I would create something that could answer these questions. I knew there were a number of forums out there where you could find lots of information if you searched for it, but no one place for just technical information, as in 'How do I ...' The answers come from other people; real people with real experience and who know exactly what it's like. Who better to help than that?

So please, contribute your tips, ask questions or just browse around. You are welcome here. If you have any questions just drop me a line:


Tips on how to make a good contribution:

  • Include anything that makes your life better: a good holiday or trip you went on; walking the dog; new pair of trainers; new medication; yoga; a garden trowel; a special towel or hat... it will all help.
  • Keep it short and snappy
  • Include a link if you bought it/there's info online
  • Include a photo or even a video

When you contribute something of your own for the first time, it will ask you for your email and name. This is so we can register you as a contributor. You will then receive an email with your login details. The next time you use the site, you can login using these details and leave more contributions or ask questions.

When you submit a contribution or question, an administrator will look it over to check it has not been submitted before, and then publish it onto the site. You can also add tags to the entry to make it easier to find. e.g. washing, daily living.

How do I register or login?

When adding a question or contribution to the site for the first time, you are granted contributor user status and an email will be sent to you with login details. You can then login and contribute as much as you like!

What is a community manager?

Our community managers are behind the quality of contributions and questions throughout the site. Making sure all contributions and questions are relevant and agree to the terms and conditions.

Can anyone be a community manager?

After contributing around 30 contributions or questions you can become a community manager. You can request at any time to be a community manager. You may also receive a notification via email at any time from our site admins as you have been selected to become a community manager, but you do not have to accept this.

Who's behind it?

Learning Banks is a project of Hullabaloo Research, a not for profit community interest company. Development has been funded by Apperta Foundation (Access to Innovation), Paul Hamlyn Foundation (Ideas and Pioneers Fund) and Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All). It has been built by Consult and Design International, based in Sunderland and it has been driven by a committed user group based in the North East and Cumbria. Thanks to all of them. 

Need to know more?

We have made these handy videos to help explain the benefits of the Learning Bank and what you may get out of it if you get involved!