The mysterious world of wheelchairs! Where do you start? I would start looking on the Internet. If you are just making the transition from upright into a chair then you probably want a lightweight self-propelled wheelchair, that you can push yourself. A problem you face when making that transition is when you get down to your local council's wheelchair services, you are faced with lots of heavy, cumbersome and ugly chairs and you think 'Jesus, have I come to this?' Well it does not have to be that way, there are plenty of really cool and good-looking chairs out there, ranging in weight from 6kg upwards, that can make you feel good about getting into a chair because it means you can go to different places, get out and about, and regain your independence.

A problem however may be paying for one.Your local NHS wheelchair services will pay a contribution towards a new wheelchair if you do not like any of theirs or supply you with one of their own. If you are working, Access to Work will buy a chair for you (you will contribute 2/7 or 1/7 depending if you can convince them you work five or six days a week). You can then choose your own chair. If you have any questions, you can just get in touch with me via the email below and I will try and help you out.