I know that, as I write, we’re only just heading into autumn. But the adverts about flu jabs are already starting, shops are selling Christmas stuff and as on Game of Thrones, Winter Is Coming.

I’m not a massive fan of snow - like most people with MS and/or mobility issues, I don't really need anything else to make me feel unsteady on my feet.

However, a work colleague told me about Yaktrax - and if you can get over the ridiculous name, they're highly recommended.

Basically these are snow chains for your feet - I got my pair over massive walking shoes, my wife managed to get hers on over her wellington boots.

The first time I tried them I was able to walk quite easily on packed ice (with my usual sexy grey NHS walking stick). I also managed to walk uphill pulling a combination sledge-and-toddler.

In both instances, it felt like I was walking on... y'know, like, a NORMAL walking surface. These things are so good, I didn't mind getting a few funny looks when, as a test, I planted my feet in snow and tried to do the twist - and found that my feet weren't moving.


And like the walking stick, it's just something simple which could mean feeling independent in all weathers as opposed to useless and cut-off from society. Recommended for all but especially if you have mobility / steadiness concerns.

Please note: I am not on any kind of sakes commission / sponsorship deal! I'm sure there are other options to be found, these are just the ones I have used. But I remember that it became more difficult to fund them when the weather began to turn.


Steve Domino