wheeled hoist

If you are thinking about which hoist is the most useful and beneficial to your / someone elses needs here is some helpful information surrounding wheeled hoists.

A wheeled hoist is free-standing equipment that supports the person being moved in a sling or harness that is suspended from a cantilevered arm. The sling is placed around the person while he or she is seated or lying down. The person is then hoisted up, the hoist is wheeled to the new location and the person is lowered.

Things to consider when purchasing this kind of hoist is the amount of space needed to manoeuvre the hoist as it requires a wide and unobstructed path of travel. Typically, at least 1,100 mm (43 1/2 in.) and possibly more if turns are required. Additionally, another design consideration is clear space under furniture and fixtures, to accommodate the frame of the hoist. If a wheeled hoist is to be used for transfers in and out of a bathtub, the bathtub should have legs or be raised from the floor so the hoist frame will fit under the bathtub.

Options to buy online: 

INVACARE BIRDIE HOIST - Incl. VAT: £741.60 - https://www.shelden-healthcare.co.uk/invacare-birdie-hoist.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwyo36BRAXEiwA24CwGXWzV5A896CfrfMTyWU8CbjrKPfPhCc_8aNjadBLQJUllp-pD6dacBoC5kcQAvD_BwE

QUIRUMED ELECTRIC MOBILE HOIST - £448.77 - https://www.quirumed.com/en/electric-mobile-hoist.html?sid=82743&currency=GBP&gclid=CjwKCAjwyo36BRAXEiwA24CwGZeJoQ1ek4WOSuSXZ-M5CW-rz-i0Pps3yuNWwM9QNfv4xR1AHdOzORoCUhMQAvD_BwE